small-batch Goods


Why small batch production?

Simplest answer, as two guys trying to turn our dream into a reality it's what we could afford. The real question is why continue as we grow and can afford to produce more?

This question informs our vision for Remnant on a daily basis. In a world that seems to encourage growth at all costs, it can be all to easy to focus solely on driving the cost of production down while maximizing our profits. While generating a profit is at the core of any business, we hope to mitigate the pressure to do so by cultivating a unique relationship with you, our customer. Allowing for transparency, we hope to instill a greater sense of trust between producer and consumer. 

To give some perspective, 100 units tends to be a decent metric for most of our products. Be it a hat or tee, each design is granted an initial production run. A limited production run of each product allows us to understand what resonates with our core customer and hope to eliminate the potential impact of over-production. Most major brands we are familiar with have production cycles over a year long which is great for efficiency but drops ball when it comes to real-time decisions of what works. Production becomes a game of speculation rather than an informed decision. On the contrary, we source our tees as blanks which allows us to screen print each design on demand as orders come in. Not only does this afford us the opportunity to market test our designs in real-time but it saves us and the planet from getting stuck with a product no one wants. In the end, this is all a great learning opportunity that we hope will continue to inform our production as Remnant continues to grow.

Thanks for your support. We couldn't do this without you.