Our Take Care promise


Warranties typically suck — a well-earned opinion after too many frustrating attempts to right wrongs that "would never happen". Well we’re not here to slap some arbitrary date on our products so as to indicate when we plan to stop caring for them. And that’s just it, we’ll never stop. We care a ton about each and every product we choose to make. But that also means we hope the same care continues after what was once ours becomes yours.

Here at the Remnant, we like to think of our approach towards a warranty much like our relationships in life. In any strong relationship, a shared sense of responsibility reinforces commitment on both sides. Wear is inevitable over the lifetime of any product. Often it’s what gives any favorite its unique character. No two folks will wear a hat in the same way. As makers, we promise to always be here to help with anything that may arise over the lifetime of one of our products. We simply hope for the same respect in return. For example…

Dog chewed through your hat? 

Hit us up. We'll patch it. But stop keeping your lunch in there!

Got doored and tore your favorite shirt?

We got you.

(Honestly, even if it isn't ours, we'll fix that guy too if we've got the time.) 

Hit us up, we’re here to help.

To care, is to take care. 

It's empowering.

"Promise to take care now, ya hear?!"