RMNT Collections

RMNT highlights our commitment to using remnant materials where we can. The least impactful product on the planet is the one we choose not to make. As such, anything we produce comes with an inherent cost to our planet. Recognizing this, we strive to produce small batch goods that make use of materials that have more life to give. We chose two materials as our initial focus that are notorious for a significant environmental impact; leather and denim.


RMNT: Leather

With RMNT Leather, we were fortunate enough to look just down the street for a world class source. The Horween Leather Co. is not only a supplier of some of the world's finest leather, they too are somewhat of a remnant of an era gone by. Started in 1905, Chicago played host to not only a dominant meatpacking industry but also a booming leather industry by default. As one of the last remaining American leather tanneries, Horween upholds a standard seldom found in the industry today. As such, we are fortunate to source all of our leather from the remnant scraps and reject hides that would otherwise be discarded. 



RMNT Denim has quickly become one of our most fun projects. What started as a simple repair of a beloved shirt grew into a lot more. This is by far our most unique collection in that no two pieces are alike.  Sourcing only secondhand shirts, deemed suitable for another round of life, we find the perfect match for a reinforced denim shoulder panel, creating a one-of-a-kind reinforced commuter shirt made entirely from remnant materials.