You Want to feel

good about what you buy.


We want to feel the same way

about what we sell.


The Remnant Society was founded on the notion that environmental responsibility is at the core of both the design and production of classic outdoor apparel. As such we strive to bring new life to a growing variety of remnant materials while keeping our production as local as possible. In our efforts to build a brand and more importantly a community around these ideals, we hope each of our pieces carries with them the simple message that inspires us to design and create each one:

Curate the past. Intend the future.

In our day and age, we are inundated and spoiled with a bounty of options and convenience unlike any other time in history. In the very least we can hope to participate in the decisions we make to the fullest of our ability. We believe to live an intentional life is to do just that. With a discerning eye towards our past and an optimistic view of our future, we hope to curate that which deserves to be preserved and intend the best possible future for generations yet to come.

While on trial for “corrupting the youth” (pretty cool charge) Socrates told us an unexamined life is not worth living.

We want to examine the shit out of it!*

*The Remnant Society is not responsible for any corrupted youth.

*The Remnant Society is not responsible for any corrupted youth.