We believe the energy of entrepreneurship and community have an important role to play in order to address the mounting climate crisis we see today. As a brand and more importantly a community, The Remnant Society was founded on the notion that environmental responsibility is at the core of both the design and production of classic outdoor apparel. We strive to bring new life to a growing variety of remnant materials while keeping our production as local as possible. We hope each of our pieces carries with them the simple message that inspires us to design and create each one…

Curate the past. Intend the future.

In our day and age, we are spoiled with a bounty of options and convenience unlike any other time in history. In the very least we can hope to participate in the decisions we make to the fullest of our own ability. We believe to live an intentional life is to do just that. With a discerning eye towards our past and an optimistic view of our future, we aim to curate that which deserves to be preserved and intend the best possible future for generations yet to come.

In order to address our impact on this planet, we introduced our Single Planet Pledge. As we evaluate our footprint, our ongoing target is to reach a resource use consistent with that of a single planet earth. We intentionally set a high bar. One that at the moment might seem unattainable. But as the saying goes, the thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a commitment of your own we encourage you to join Remnant and aim high. There’s value in incremental progress. Tend to the part of the garden you can reach and you will accomplish a great deal more than you originally believed possible.

It’s OK to change.